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August Summer Harvest 2016, The Lakeside Plays

a 10-Minute Plays
by jpbeck

COMPANY : Onion Man Productions [WEBSITE]
ID# 4912

SHOWING : August 11, 2016 - September 11, 2016



This is the third collection of original 10-minute plays to be staged over Summer 2016. All the plays share a common setting, at the lake!

"Dead or Alive 3" by David Fisher, James Beck, Laura King and Natasha Patel
Joe and Sam may just have a murder case to work. Depending on what the future holds.
Directed by James Beck
Featuring: James Beck and Erika Ragsdale

"Fresh Fish" by Michael Weems
Some fish just need to be tossed back.
Directed by Janie Young
Featuring: Greg Fitzgerald and Patrick Young

"Lake Do-Away" by Gary Wadley
Ah, the serenity of a rental cottage on a beautiful lake with your wife . . . and her mother.
Directed by James Beck
Featuring: Lory Cox, John Damico, Jacobi Hollingshed and Caitlynn Silvius

"Ashes to Ashes" by Rhea MacCallum
Sisters reunite to release the ashes of the mother who damaged them.
Directed by Patrick Young
Featuring: Chris Kontopidis and Caitlynn Silvius

"Porch Party" by Natasha Patel
Serving sometimes just gets a little pointless.
Directed by James Beck
Featuring: Jillian Walzer and Patrick Young

"Age of Aquarius" by Rick Perera
Do you believe in fate? When a New Age hippie chick meets a skeptical frat dude… it’s written in the stars.
Directed by Patrick Young
Featuring: Casey Cudmore, Nicole Convis, Eric Lang and Buster Shadwick

"Front From Juneau" by Karen Howes
The wreckage of a plane and the expectations of a waiting bride scatter the surface of the water.
Directed by Melissa Rainey
Featuring: Casey Cudmore and Adam Jafee

"Lake Luvly" by James Beck
Cleaning up the lake next to the country club a group of environmentalist raise a real issue.
Directed by James Beck
Featuring: Greg Fitzgerald, Jacobi Hollingshed, Caitlynn Silvius, Jillian Walzer and Janie Young

Cast Nicole Convis
Cast Lory Cox
Cast Greg Fitzgerald
Cast Jacobi Hollingshed
Cast Eric Lang
Cast Erika Ragsdale
Cast Cat Roche
Cast Caitlynn Silvius
Cast Jillian Walzer
Cast Patrick S. Young
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Show closed in August
by jpbeck
Monday, December 26, 2016
Unable to edit the listing bu the show closed in August 2016 [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
A Mixed Bag
by playgoer
Friday, August 19, 2016
Onion Man Productions’ third set of Lakeside Plays completes the "Dead or Alive" serial and introduces seven new short plays. As usual, the plays are a mixed bag, with some working well and others working not so well. Still, it’s a pretty nice mixture of plays.

"Dead or Alive 3" is split into three parts (the first VERY brief), and sports four authors: David Fisher, James Beck, Laura King, and Natasha Patel. The cast consists of two police officers (Erika Ragsdale and Scott Gassman) and Paranormal Patty (Cat Roche). It doesn’t so much tie up the serial sequence of plays as introduce a new character and end with a semi-sentimental tableau. Cat Roche does terrific work as a psychic whacko, and Erika Ragsdale keeps things moving under James Beck’s direction. I found it difficult, however, to understand Scott Gassman.

"Lake Do-Away," by Gary Wadley, sets up a sly storyline and follows it through to its logical conclusion without a bit of fat. Jacobi Hollingshed and Caitlynn Silvius pair well (and humorously) as a redneck husband and his disappointed wife. Lory Cox plays the wife’s mother with her usual flair, overshadowing John Damico as the owner of the lakeside cabin at which the action takes place. James Beck has directed the action with an eye toward comedy, and this comedy just clicks.

The same can’t quite be said of Rick Perera’s "Age of Aquarius." Nicole Convis and Eric Lang are a delight as a Wiccan and a skeptic who share a palpable romantic chemistry. The addition of Buster Shadwick and Casey Cudmore as a bickering engaged couple doesn’t add much to the storyline. The romance in the story works beautifully under Patrick Young’s direction, but Mr. Shadwick’s somewhat stilted performance doesn’t allow the secondary storyline to come to life.

The first act ends with "Lake Luvly," written and directed by James Beck. It’s not a very cogent or well-wrought comedy, but it is full of props (supplied by James Beck, Cathy Seith, Patrick Young, Janie Young, and the cast). Jillian Walzer gives a giggle-inducing comic portrayal of her character, playing off Gregory Fitzgerald well. Jacobi Hollingshed and Caitlynn Silvius play another couple, quite unlike the characters they played in "Lake Do-Away," but their relationship doesn’t jell. Janie Young plays a fifth wheel type of character and adds no interest to the proceedings.

If the first act doesn’t end with a bang, the second act starts in torpor. Rhea MacCallum’s "Ashes to Ashes" shows us two sisters at a lakeside, preparing to strew their mother’s cremated remains. Patrick Young’s blocking is fairly static, and Chris Kontopidis’ performance as the older sister has an inherent stiffness, not allowing us to care much about her or her sister (Caitlynn Silvius).

Natasha Patel’s "Porch Party" has a nice flow under James Beck’s direction. Jillian Walzer is truly a wonder as a job-hopping catering company employee. Patrick Young’s character has to do some psychologizing that makes the ending a bit pat, but this is a sweet and heart-warming play that goes down very easily.

"Front From Juneau" is much less successful. Karen Howes’ writing is talky and a bit literary, not sounding entirely natural in Casey Cudmore’s rapid-fire delivery or in Adam Jaffe’s more terse dialogue. It sets up an unrealistic situation, in which Captain Fields’ plane has crashed on a passenger-less trip that was supposed to be delivering a web matched man to his intended. Melissa Rainey’s direction keeps the fairly static situation moving, but Ms. Howes’ set-up points toward the pilot perhaps being the cagey intended bridegroom, but that possibility seems to fizzle out with a sudden kiss and a sudden ending.

The final play, "Fresh Fish" by Michael Weems, is the comic highlight of the evening. Patrick Young adds to his list of indelible anthropomorphized performances, playing off Greg Fitzgerald’s fisherman in true comic fashion. Janie Young has directed one of the most successful plays of this summer’s Lakeside Plays, ending the series on a high note. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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