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Evil Dead: The Musical

a Musical Comedy
by George Reinblatt et. al.

COMPANY : Out of Box Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Out of Box Theatre at Artisan Resource Center [WEBSITE]
ID# 4979

SHOWING : October 07, 2016 - October 30, 2016



Book and Lyrics by George Reinblatt
Music by Frank Cipolla, Christopher Bond, Melissa Morris, George Reinblatt
Music Supervision by Frank Cipolla
Additional Lyrics by Christopher Bond
Additional Music by Rob Daleman

“It’s an old tale. You’ve probably heard it a hundred times. Boy and his friends go on a week long vacation in the woods. Three friends turn into Kandarian demons. One friend is killed by a forest of evil trees. Two demons are killed by their boyfriends respectively, while one stays in the cellar trying to kill everything in sight. Like I said, pretty standard stuff.”


Director Zip Rampy
Stage Manager Meghan B Zern
Ash Jack Allison
Scott/Professor Jim Dailey
Linda Lisa Hatt
Ensemble Ali Olhausen
Cheryl M K Penley
Jake Trevor Perry
Ed/Moose Daniel Pino
Annie/Shelly Kristin Storla
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Kandarian Fundead
by playgoer
Sunday, October 30, 2016
Okay, the set by Morgan & Will Brooks is kind of cheesy, with a cellar door stage right, a kitchen bar up center, and a window and loveseat stage left, the walls an odd mix-and-match collection of wood planks and fake faux painting. The acting is very broad across the board. Blood spurts in copious amounts onstage and on the first row of spectators. And the cheesiness is all the fun.

The plot is a spoof of horror films, with everyone in the cast succumbing to one thing or another during the course of the show. Of course, the Kandarian Evil Dead return as undead killing machines, so death doesn’t prevent the reappearance of a character. (The only thing that can do that is the double-casting of Kristin Storla as both tramp Shelly and professor’s daughter Annie.)

Julianne Whitehead’s costumes and Stevie Roushdi’s lighting design do all they need to do and do it with style. Roy Wooley’s makeup design and special effects add to the fun and gore. Lauren Rosenzweig’s choreography can’t be expansive in the tiny playing space, but the dance moves add delightful movement to the songs by a variety of composers and lyricists. Face it, the whole thing is cheesy fun.

Director Zip Rampy has staged the action to use the space particularly well and has given laugh-out-loud bits to the cast (although some of them were undoubtedly created or embellished by the cast members, who seem to be having a whale of a good time throughout). Jack Allison is sturdy and heroic as Ash, while Lisa Hatt is all good cheer as his girlfriend Linda and MK Penley undergoes a wondrous transformation as his sister Cheryl. Jim Dailey, although a bit old for the role of college student Scott, throws himself into that role and chews the scenery (okay, just a flashlight) as the professor. Kristin Storla nails her two roles, although I would have preferred her Shelly as a blonde, and Daniel Pino nearly brings the house down as the oft-interrupted Ed. As for Ali Olhausen and Julianne Whitehead as the ensemble, they fulfill their duties with distinct personalities that double the fun that might be expected from them.

"Evil Dead: the Musical" has a cheery score that goes down easy and sounds great under Annie Cook’s musical direction. The only negative is that the show seems to go on a tad too long, although clocking in at only two hours. The cast (particularly the rubber-limbed Jack Allison) invest so much energy in their roles that their resources show incipient signs of depletion by the end. And seeing actors give so much of themselves that they have little left at the end of the show is inspiringly delightful. This is not high art, but it’s foul-mouthed, irreverent pop art that makes an audience laugh and cheer and stand at the end of the show. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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