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a Comedy
by Norm Foster

COMPANY : Onion Man Productions [WEBSITE]
ID# 5227

SHOWING : February 09, 2018 - February 25, 2018



From the playwright of the hit comedy “The Love List” comes the story of four middle-aged singles whose love lives are stuck in a rut. Andy lacks confidence. Val is having trouble moving on from her divorce. Matt seems content with his bachelorhood. Nina doesn’t see any point in long-term relationships. When a blind date brings the four of them together, they soon find themselves forced to deal with their own relationship issues and each other. A touching romantic comedy that shows us how sometimes the only thing preventing us from finding true love is ourselves.

Director Linda Place
Nina Kerrie Hansen Doty
Andy Greg Fitzgerald
Val Sharon Wilson
Matt Bob Winstead
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Looking for Entertainment? Look No More!
by playgoer
Sunday, February 11, 2018
Norm Foster’s "Looking" involves two male friends and two female friends. One of the men writes a classified ad seeking a woman; one of the women replies. At their initial date, each of them brings along their friend to act as a buffer. And wouldn’t you know – the friends are the ones who hit it off. After a couple more double dates that send the relationships in rocky directions, they all pair off happily. And, boy, are there a lot of funny lines and funny situations in between!

Director Linda Place has cleverly staged the show to make the best use of the tiny Onion Man stage with its post near center stage. The set (designed by James Beck and James Nelson) is simple as can be, with a plain flat up center with exits on either side. Furniture consists solely of four chairs (the same style as those seating the audience), a tiny table, and a small bench. Furniture is rearranged for various scenes, with the lighting design (also by James Beck and James Nelson) illuminating the sections of the stage used for each scene. The post figures neatly into the blocking, being used to hold an office phone in one scene (with nice sound effects designed by James Beck) and also used for a split-screen effect when we see (and hear) two sides of phone conversations. Blocking nicely keeps faces front and center for gym scenes, with enough motion and movement to keep the show visually interesting from start to finish.

What really makes the set work, though, are the projections. For restaurant scenes, we see a projection of the restaurant front in reverse, as if the characters are sitting inside. For radio studio scenes, we see an "On Air" sign (and a nifty microphone on the table). Projections are even used during intermission, when posters of the next few Onion Man productions display in sequence. It’s the perfect solution for scenery in the tiny Onion Man space.

Norm Foster’s script is strong, and four strong performances put it across in a delightful manner. Gregory Fitzgerald is sincere and frazzled as the man writing the personal ad, and Bob Winstead is sardonic and energetic as his friend. Sharon Wilson makes the woman answering the ad insecure but heart-warming, and Kerri Hansen-Doty is a powerhouse Earth Mother as her friend. The interactions in all directions are delightful, with reactions oftentimes as entertaining as the lines being spoken.

"Looking" isn’t as Canadian as some of Norm Foster’s work, with a stray reference to Calgary being the extent of geographic references, although Canadian jazz singer Holly Cole does figure into the plot. With American accents and universal situations, this work can appeal to any audience, as long as they don’t have medical syndromes triggered by an over-abundance of hearty belly laughs. Be forewarned that your sides may hurt from non-stop laughing if you attend! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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