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Mr. Hobb's Vacation
a Comedy
by Jeannie and Wally Hinds

COMPANY : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 560

SHOWING : February 28, 2003 - April 05, 2003



Ellie Hobbs plans a summer vacation in Florida over the objections of her husband, Howard, who thinks it will cost too much money. She invites their married daughter to join them along with their 12 and 17 years old daughters. Things began to fall apart the minute they arrive. To complicate matters, they end up with some wacky next-door neighbors and a surprise visit from her sister and her family. Just when poor Howard thinks things couldn’t get worse, ciaos breaks loose from every direction

TAYLOR R.P. Foster
Mary Beth Miller Savannah Carman
Philip Philips R.P. Foster
Mandy Hobbs Jamie Link
Ellie Hobbs Susan McGuire
Ray Miller Mike McRay
Howard Hobbd Brink Miller
Caroline Miller Linda Niles
Stone Michael Isaac Wolmer
Sarah Jean Miller Dani Zuber
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Second time around.....
by Theaterparent
Wednesday, March 12, 2003
My wife and I saw this production at Village Playhouses a few years ago. We loved it so much that we decided to see the revival of it put on by the same people, just different venue. We have seen a few productions here at Kudzu and have been thrilled and entertained by every show we have seen. This one is no exception! First off, the script by owners, Wally and Jeannie Hinds competes with National Lampoons. Chevy Chase would be proud to be in a show like this one! The new actors joining this cast had big shoes to fill and I think, for the most part, they did a great job, especially R.P. Foster, who took over Ron Vener, who originated the role. I was very sad to hear he had passed away after doing the show. He deserves special kudos for filling his shoes. The returning cast members all were incredible and definitely improved on all of their roles. Brink Miller, who I have seen countless times kept me laughing and Mike McRay was another standout performance. I won't give away a secret about him in this show! Jason Meinhardt, who I have seen in many shows as well, reminded me of my newlywed years with my own wife. We laughed hysterically as he and his wife (played by Joanne Garrett)argued over petty things. Mr. Meinhardt also did "double duty" as one of the three boys who come and corrupt the two daughters of Mr. Hobbs and his brother in law, Ray. With tattoos and piercings and the constant chewing on a toothpick, Jason, along with the other two boys, add to the hilarity. Overall, my wife and I agreed that the show lacked the energy of the previous production, however, we kept in mind that the show just opened and by the looks of things, it will pick up speed and be a wonderful show! Keep up the good work Kudzu! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
kudzu does another amazing show... by andy
i agree with theaterparent that this is a wonderful show. i did not see it at village playhouse, but im sure it was just as great. this play had its share of talented actors.brink miller was great as "Mr.Hobbs" and i also enjoyed the southern belle, "sarah jean" played by dani zuber. I agree with theaterparent about Mr.Meinhardt but i am starting to wonder if he/she is related considering past reviews giving praise to mr.meinhardt. dont get me wrong i agree 100% that this young man is going to be successful. another thumbs up to kudzu and this wonderful performance.


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