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A Christmas Carol
a Holiday Special
by Adapted by Wally Hinds

COMPANY : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 565

SHOWING : November 28, 2003 - December 24, 2003



Traditional Dickenís classic with Ebenezer Scrooge and the ghost of Christmas Past, Present and Future. A traditional holiday classic for the whole family.

taylor R.P. Foster
Belle Paige Anderson
Christmas Present R.P. Foster
Patience Shelly/Begger Woman Hillari Fowlkes
Fred Brian Godeski
Sarah/ Pickpocketer Melissa Michele Goodfellow
Belle Rebecca Kuck
Scrooge Brink Miller
Rowena Lindsay Olson
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A Christmas Carol I will never forget!
by jlinton
Wednesday, December 24, 2003
This is the first show I have seen at Kudzu Playhouse, and boy did it satisfy me. Every year around this time, I go all around Atlanta finding different Christmas activities to partake in, and A Christmas Carol is one of my favorites. Seeing the show Monday night really made me wish that I had seen it last year at Kudzu. The cast was spectacular, and the setting was a sight to see as well.
Certain performances must be accredited, however. Of course, Scrooge (Brink Miller) did a fantastic job, the best I have seen in years. I must agree with the critic before, he really came to life in his scene and I saw not an actor, but Scrooge. Ghost of Christmas Past was very well done as was Marley (Chris Arapogolou) and Ghost of Christmas Present (R.P. Foster). The sincerity of the Belle/Scrooge break up scene was heartwrenching, a part of the show that was very well done. The two who played Belle and Scrooge have great stage chemistry, and I hope they do more shows together. Scrooge stays true to his older self, and Belle is very meek and sweet. Belle played the role so realistically that she leaves the audience almost in tears, sorry for her plight. Bob Cratchit was so well done, I believe that myself and all of the mother's in the audience were touched by his sincerity. I was balling when Bob Cratchit comes to terms with his sons death. I think it helped that his real son was Tiny Tim, but he still gave a heart warming performance and never abandons his role as a caring employee and father.
The only thing to gripe about were the sound cues and the light cues. They were a bit off and the sound was very abrubt whenever a song would come off. Other than that, the show was fantastic, one that everyone involved in should be proud of. Bravo! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
I agree
by JasonMeinhardt
Tuesday, December 23, 2003
I know...I am a Kudzu regular. I know...some people do not agree with actors reviewing shows that have friends or family performing in it and I am sure that we will see some "comments" after this review. However, I will risk it by saying that I have to agree with Mr. Forrester. Being in this show for many years, playing anything from Marley to Young Scrooge and even directing it one year, I know that it is VERY hard to fit that many actors on that small stage and it is overall, an extremely difficult production to pull off and pull off well. Kudzu did a great job with it, was very true to the original story and being on the audience's side (for the first time in a while), it was great to finally sit back and enjoy this production rather than running around like a monkey backstage changing costumes, sets and makeup. With as many times as I have worked with Brink (scrooge) and many of the other actors in this production, everyone continually gets better and better every year and with every role they bring to life. The first time actors gave heart-felt performances and yes, Andrew (Tiny Tim)did a spectacular job (his sister, Rachel played the role last year and nailed the part as well). R.P. brought a rich and enjoyable turn on his role as Present and Chris Arapoglou, who claims himself as the "lesser talented of his family", proved himself wrong as he did much justice to the roles he played. I could go into everyone's performance in this show and part of me feels bad that I don't have room enough on this or time to mention everyone but I must say, to all in this production, cast and deserve the sold out houses and hope you enjoyed putting the Christmas spirit in everyone's hearts this year. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Kudzu Playhouse's "A Christmas Carol"
by Paul
Monday, December 22, 2003
I title my review such that it will not be confused by the many reviews of other productions.

This is my second review of a production seen at the Kudzu playhouse. My wife and I had the pleasure of seeing Sunday's production to a sold out house.

WE were curious to see just how 48 people could fit on such a small stage. They did it and did it well. By and large we had a wonderful time. Was it a great production? No, there were some missed light cues and some of the scene changes were on the noisy side, but there were some very notable performances that stood out. First that of Bob Cratchit, for a first time performer he gave a heart warming performance as the much put upon clerk of Scrooge. I was pleased to see that a good number of his families were cast as his children. I was very touch when Tiny Tim sings the song he learned in church. Mr. Cratchit sat there watching and like all proud fathers silently partially mouthed the words along with his son. I was a very natural reaction and I am sure helped along with the fact that Tiny Tim was his own son.

Tiny Tim was probably the best I have seen. At six years old young Andrew gave a captivating performance. He was consistent with the use of his crutch. He was not afraid to be heard and his accent was excellent. And to top it off he had a smile that would brighten any hardened heart.

All 4 ghosts were very good. Marley was excellent with his howling and chain rattling. This ghost of Christmas past with her sarcastic digs at Scrooge were wonderful. The Ghost of Christmas Present was a mountain of a Man. His makeup added to his unearthly appearance and his rich booming voice and heart felt laughter was a real plus. I only wish that the ghost of Christmas Future could have been a little more mobile and foreboding.

This production employs the use of a narrator to move the story along and I must Say, Mr. Dickens was just right for the job. His rich baritone voice unfolded the story for the audience and provided the right touch of humor.

But most of all there was Scrooge. I must say that I did not see an actor. I saw Scrooge. He took control of the role and became immersed in it. I can see why he has done this role so many times. He was a pleasure to watch and truly looked as if he was having the time of his life.

All in all it was a very entertaining production . I would recommend it to everyone.



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