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Fuddy Meers
a Absurdist Comedy
by David Lindsay-Abaire

COMPANY : The Company Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : PushPush Theater [WEBSITE]
ID# 675

SHOWING : January 08, 2003 - February 09, 2003



A recent Off-Broadway hit, this is a comedy about Claire, a woman who wakes up every day with no memory.

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No "Fuddy" duddy
by bluecat
Thursday, February 6, 2003
If you are looking for a night of laughs, of bizarre happenings...a night where you have no idea what will happen next, then "Fuddy Meers" is the show and PushPush is the place. A great ensemble cast, hilarious writing and an intimate space make for an enjoyable night. Kudos especially to Anthony Farrell and his sidekick Binky (?) (who has no last name that I know of). The show defies description - you just have to see it for yourself! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Fuddy Ackers (Moron Smoo Kin Meers)
by Dedalus
Monday, January 13, 2003
Let me say right off the bat that it was a relief to attend a comedy which actually made me laugh! When I first read this play a year ago, I found it a tad irritating ("Memento" - Lite was how I thought it). The Stroke-induced ramblings of "Gertie" were "translated," but in an appendix. I found myself constantly flipping to the back of the book, too often losing the thread of the plot.

But, to sit and watch this production by the Essential Theatre Company was to finally see what all the fuss was about. This is a very funny play with just enough grounding in reality to move you while it's tickling you. Most of the actors nailed their characters from the get-go, making me believe in them and like them (well, at least those who deserve to be liked.)

At the center of the storm (so to speak) is Patricia Jackson's Claire. Like the hero of "Memento," she is faced with the grim fact of waking up every day with total amnesia. However, she is so filled with a love of life that she finds this not a handicap, but an adventure to be embraced. She attacks every problem with a sunny optimism that makes any obstacles weep with defeat. This was an aspect of the character that was not evident in the bare script -- it was all Ms. Jackson's doing. She is a treasure.

Randy Weinstein's Richard, who harbors a few unsavory secrets of his own, also attacks the play with joy and spirit. It is obvious why Claire married him without any idea of who he was -- they are, as played by this pair, kindred souls, who, in the end, become each other's salvation (of a sort).

Hampton Whatley, Alex Van, Anthony Farrell and Michelle Donovan also provide able support. It was only G. Morgan Timmis' Gertie who didn't quite keep up with the others, and that was only at the start. Her first scene was a tad jarring -- Ms. Timmis is far too young to be convincing as Claire's mother (no effort was made to age her with make-up), and her first garbled lines seemed forced -- an actress saying gobbledygook rather than a stroke victim trying to communicate. But, as the evening wore on, she too grew on me, and by the time the chaos of the end of Act I arrived, she had me convinced.

Technically, there were a few problems -- the small space at Push-Push Theatre necessitated clearing the stage between scenes, as everyone would be visible and I found this distracting. I'm not sure what a good solution would have been -- this may have been the best choice. I'm not quite convinced of that.

In spite of these few quibbles, though, this is a marvelous evening at the theatre. Funny Actors, a Good Script, and a Joyous Performance in the center add up to an evening that's much more than smoke and mirrors!



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