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The Illusion

a Play
by Pierre Corneille (adapted by Tony Kushner)

COMPANY : Actor's Express [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Actor's Express [WEBSITE]
ID# 68

SHOWING : September 17, 2000 - October 28, 2000



The Illusion is the story of an aging father seeking the magic of a wizard to find the son he banished fifteen years earlier. The magician conjures three separate visions from the life of the disowned son, highlighting his trials and tribulations in love. The Illusion inhabits a fairy tale world, complete with unexpected twists and turns, sorcery, sword fights, love-struck entanglements, and a surprise ending! Directed by new Artistic Director Wier Harman.

Director Wier Harman
Set Design Alexander Dodge
Prop Design Bart McGeehon
Sound Design Jill Melancon
Fight Director Nils Onsager
Costume Design Kristin Smith
Stage Manager Anne Stainback
Lighting Design Judy Zanotti
The Amanuensis/Geronte Randy Cohlmia
Elicia/Lyse/Clarina Barbara Cole Uterhardt
Pleribo/Adraste/Prince Florilame Joel Reuben Ganz
Alcandre Theo Harness
Pridamant Maurice Ralston
Matamore Jayson Smith
Melibea/Isabelle/Hippolyta Tara Tovarek
Calisto/Clindor/Theogenes Justin Welborn
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The Experts Say...

Atlanta Journal Constitution
by Kathy Janich
September 22, 2000
Kathy loved this production. She called it two hours of magic, and said the Express' new artistic director (Weir Harman) is "inspired."

"It's as if Harman has been standing over a roiling caldron, adding a dash of delight, a pound of panache, a pinch of fun."

Creative Loafing
by Curt Holman
September 30, 2000
Curt had not an unkind word to say about this show. "In staging The Illusion, Harman and company live up to Corneille and Kushner's tribute to the power of theater to leave you moonstruck." He praised the work of the director and all the performers.


Some interesting moments--but, in the end, unengaging
by Ms. H
Monday, September 25, 2000
Sorry...I don't agree wtih Kathy Janich or theaterbug. I thought "The Illusion" was, at times, very pretty to watch and to hear, but as a whole, it failed to engage me on any level. I'm not sure what was missing, but something didn't quite work for me. I fell in love with the first scene, but the play lost me after that. I did like the the director's use of space and thought that, overall, the lighting and staging were visually stimulating. Still, something didn't click--and I left the theater feeling unfulfilled. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
A neat-o keen bit of theater
by theaterbug
Monday, September 25, 2000
A very strong cast and excellent direction make this a must see. The weakest point was the script itself; while the language was delicious, I was left with a bit of "so what?" feeling at the end.

A minor distraction at worst.

I'm looking forward to more productions by the artistic director who delivered his curtain speech in casual clothing with Coca-Cola in hand. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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