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On Golden Pond

COMPANY : Cobb Players [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Little General Playhouse
ID# 768

SHOWING : July 11, 2003 - August 02, 2003



Norman and Ethel Thayer have been coming to their summer cabin on Golden Pond in Maine for many years. They are now old. Norman is flirting with senility -- and playing it to the hilt. And this summer their daughter comes to see them, along with her boyfriend and the boyfriend's son. And the Thayers find themselves keeping the 13-year-old boy while the couple travels in Europe. All these people come through some confrontations -- some funny, some sad -- to a little higher level of closeness and understanding.

Costumes, Props Zanny Leach Dillson
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good show, bad theatre
by Okely Dokely
Tuesday, August 5, 2003
I had a pretty bad case of the stuff that killed the cat, so I decided to make the journey to Marietta's Little General Playhouse to see my first show there. First of all, if you hear a curtain speech where the speaker essentially apologizes for the theatre (encouraging people to move up front if they can't hear the actors, volunteering some not-so-proud information i.e. the venue is a former Winn Dixie, etc.), then you will probably not feel very assured that your money was well-spent. The AC was run for the full duration of this 3 hour show, which made things very cold and loud, and caused most of the performers to be extremely hard to hear - to rather frustrating and awkward levels. Flies are mentioned numerous times throughout the play, and they were rampant in the house that night, too. Not to mention that their "arena" stage is just about the least conducive place to see/do a show; not every random room can be made into a theater.

That room makes for a horrible performance space, mosquitos were having a party in there, actors were way too quiet (often swallowing crucial lines), one person in particular was playing a 40-something character when they didn't look any older than a teenager, and the air conditioner sounded like a jet engine, but despite all that, this sweet show had moments of brilliance. This was my first time being exposed to any form of "On Golden Pond", and I loved it as a play. The script was just as funny as it was touching, and the 3 hours pretty much flew by. All the actor/resses had at least one good moment; some had more than others.

Just the fact that I've heard almost nothing but bad things about Little General Playhouse (or whatever the like to call themselves these days) makes me wonder how they are still in business. That's not meant to be as negative as it sounds - I salute them for finding some way to survive. I bet I will be back to see another of their shows sometime. I was surprised by this production, and I wouldn't be surprised if I get surprised by them again. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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