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Noises Off
a Comedy
by Michael Frayn

COMPANY : Holly Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Holly Theatre [WEBSITE]
ID# 816

SHOWING : October 00, 2004 - October 00, 2004



Director Jamie Fambrough
Garry Craig Lovell
Poppy Heatherly Nelson
Lloyd David Rothel
Dottie Gloria Szokoly
Freddie Jay Varnedoe
Belinda Valerie West
Brooke Erica Willis
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sometimes you just have to come right out with it, y'know?
by Okely Dokely
Thursday, November 4, 2004
This is another instance where I'd award the show a 4.5 if possible. That being said, this cast had 3 full months of rehearsal time, which is usually unheard of, even for community theatre. I saw this show the second night of the run, and if there were ANY glitches, technical or performance-wise, believe me, I was not going to go easy on them with this review, knowing how much time they had to rehearse. I'm still not going to cut them a break. Here is my list of things that went wrong.

1. Aside from the blackout that obviously has to take a while, there were two blackouts that were awkwardly too long.

There's my complete list. Anyone who saw this show, I'm sure, could definitely see where those 3 months went. They were not a waste of time. Aside from the items on my list, this production was polished to a T in just about every aspect. Jamie Fambrough made his Holly Theatre directing debut with this, which is also his first time directing a full-length play, and he hit 99.9% of the stuff he was aiming for. The set is the best I've ever seen at the Holly. The way they made the transition from backstage to onstage was unpredictable and truly inspired. I love how the 3 acts of the show represent an arc: first we see them rehearsing, then we see a performance from backstage's point of view, then we see them from the audience's standpoint, where they are well into the tour, apathetic and going through the motions.

The performances were winners almost straight across the board. David Rothel, whose direction for "I Do! I Do!" was top notch, handled the role of director Lloyd Dallas very serviceably. Heatherly Nelson was the true gem of the females in the cast. I have never worked with her or have seen her perform, but she is a fabulous actress who made me firmly believe she could have played any of those roles. I spoke to her after the show and forgot to emphasize how great I thought she was, so hopefully this message will get to her. Jay Varnedoe and Valerie West - two of the usual Holly suspects - were wonderful as always, and each brought their trademark spark to the characters. My only semi-gripe involved Craig Lovell's performance as Garry/Roger. Garry might be my favorite character in the show; he is known for talking a lot, but when you analyze his words, he's pretty much saying nothing at all, and we get the feeling that there's not that much going on upstairs. Lovell, at times, played the part as if there was a little too much going on upstairs, and was in on the joke that he's speaking in empty sentences. Comedy works best when people don't know they're being funny.

This was the best-rehearsed show I've seen all year (especially for so early on in the run), and another triumph for the little theatre in Dahlonega that could. Their next show is "The 1940's Radio Hour" and I am very interested to see what they do with that. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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