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Chicago - a musical vaudeville
a Musical
by Book by Fred Ebb and Bob Fosse/Lyrics by Fred Ebb / Music by John Kander

COMPANY : Theatre Arts Guild
VENUE : Georgia Perimeter College - Marvin Cole Auditorium
ID# 847

SHOWING : February 06, 2004 - February 15, 2004



Based on the 1926 play by Chicago Tribune reporter Maurine Dallas Watkins, CHICAGO is the kiss-and-tell musical tale of Roxie Hart, a night club singer who murders her lover; Velma Kelly, the glamorous double-murderess trying to keep her press supremacy; and Billy Flynn, the "Razzle Dazzle" lawyer who has not only the power to keep them from death row, but the ability to propel them to showbiz stardom. CHICAGO is an indictment of America's obsession with fame, celebrities, crime, and tabloid gossip. Truth and justice take a back seat to fame and titillation as we clamor to read the juicy details of celebrities who have been caught doing something immoral or illegal. The simple fact is that sex and violence sell. And "All That Jazz" is what CHICAGO is all about.

Director .. Lee K. Shiver
Musical Director .. Susan McEwen Sigmon
Choreographer .. Clay McCloud
The cast is as follows:

Velma Kelly . .Mary Nye
Roxie Hart . . Shelley Murphy
Amos Hart . . .Matt Carter
Mama Morton . .Alli Simpson
Billy Flynn . .Steve Benton
Mary Sunshine .Scott Simmons

Cast Lee Shiver
Liz/Ensemble Christy Baggett
Amos Hart Matthew Carter
Ensemble Ron Chenoweth
Hunyak Kristie Krabe
Mona Bernice Lurie
Ensemble Ken McMillian
Roxie Hart Shelley Murphy
Velma Kelly Mary Nye
Fred Casley Gabriel Rincon-Mora
Mary Sunshine Scott Simmons
Mama Morton Allison Simpson
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A great show
by Big John
Tuesday, February 17, 2004
This was my first visit to the Clarkston Campus and was not sure what to expect. I was very impressed by the theatre and the show.
The set was fantastic and worked very well. It was well designed and kept the show running very smoothly, which is important, due to the length. My only criticism was that the big doors in the middle were very noisey during many of the changes involving them.
The costumes were wonderful and I was impressed that they were all made for this show and were not rentals. I did feel that the reporters costumes could have been a little brighter to match the rest of the show.
The lighting overall was good, and many of the lighting effects were very dramatic. There were a few time when the chorus was on stage that left and right were totally in the dark and this was distracting to have people on stage in a number that were not lighted at all.
The music and orchestra were wonderful under the direction of Susan Sigmon.
Mary Nye, Shelly Murphy and Steven Benton were all excellent in their respective roles. Matthew Carter and Alli Simpson were also equally excellent in their roles. The chorus was very strong and fabolous performances were given by all.
All in all, it was a very enjoyable performance and I was very impressed with the show. I will look forward to seeing future productions.
For those of you that missed it, I would strongly suggest you not miss the next one. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
A Fun Show
by Girl
Tuesday, February 17, 2004
This was my first experience with the stage show “Chicago,” and so with only the movie to compare it to there was no way for the production to live up to my expectations. I should warn everyone of this fact before I continue, just so you understand where I am coming from.

The first thing that caught my attention about this production was the set. It was amazing!! With each new number, it seemed, something new physically happened to the set, and that made it all the more exciting.

The costumes confused me. Sometimes they were amazing and perfect (for instance, during “Razzle Dazzle”), but other times they seemed oddly, and distractingly, out of period.

I’ll also give a nod to the choreography, which was good enough, but not fabulous. It served its purpose, though, so I can’t really complain.

The performers were all very talented and very well cast. Special props go to Steven Benton in the role of Billy Flynn. I looked forward to each of his appearances on stage. His voice was amazing, and he was great in the role. I should also mention S.M. Simmons who had an absolutely amazing woman’s voice for a man. The large orchestra was very good, as well. However, over all none of the music seemed “big” enough. It all sounded wonderful, but I feel that if it had been louder it would have been better.

All in all I really did enjoy this show, and I would like to congratulate those involved on a job well done. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
I don't understand by Big John
Why would anyone compair a stage production of any kind to a movie. The budget for the movie Chicago was in the millions. I am sure that Georgia Perimeter College's budget fell slightly under that. If you want to compair it something, compair it to other musical theatre productions by simular groups and then this would be a fair compairison. If you think the movie was a 5 and you gave Georgia Perimeter a 3, then they did one hell of a job.
by Girl
When I give a show a 3, it means it met expectations, which for me are always very high. Truth be told, I would have rather had given it a 3.5, but, alas, that is not an option. I guess you can stay that I grade on a scale, with most of my ratings falling at a 3, and then dispersed above and below that, as necessary.

When I said “compare” that wasn’t really what I meant. :) I understand that you cannot “compare” any movie to any stage show. I really just meant to say that the movie was my only point of reference for this show; that I had no other stage production to compare it to. I’m sorry for my poor phrasing.


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