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12 Angry Men
a Courtroom Drama
by Reginald Rose/ David Kleist

COMPANY : Stage Door Players [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Stage Door Players [WEBSITE]
ID# 852

SHOWING : January 16, 2004 - February 08, 2004



A modern adaptation of the classic Jury Room tale. See modern society through the lense of a diverse group of jurors as they work to reach a verdict on a murder case.

Director David Kleist
Assistant Stage Manager Courtney Brown
Juror Nine Hugh Chapman
Juror Two Richard Dillon
Guard Yvette Johnson
Juror Eight Vicki Kaeberlein
Juror Three Larry Musselman
Juror Eleven Seth Nathanson
Juror Seven Carrie Poh
Juror Four Teal Sherer
Juror Six Gord Shriver
Juror Twelve Jim Sligh
Juror Ten Nykki L Starr
Juror Five Kelvin Wade
Foreman of the Jury Barbara Washington
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A Lot of Nerve...
by nstarr69
Wednesday, July 18, 2007
This was one of those rare fines that you leave with the feeling that you found something really special! The casting took guts and was rewarded with 100% Glory. With a couple exceptions, this was a powerhouse ensemble with stand out performances by Teal Sherer, Kelvin Wade, and Nykki LaMarr. I would be interested to see other projects by these individuals! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Long time ago by Shadrach
Interesting...the review is posted 3 and a half years after the show closed. Even my mind isn't that sharp. Did you mean to post this review on another production of 12 Angry Men? I'm sure it's done at least once a year in Atlanta.
maybe i'm reading too much into this, but... by mooniemcmoonster
the name of the reviewer is nstarr69 and ond of the people in the show is Nykki Starr, who now appears to be going by Nykki LaMarr. Just an observation. I could be way off.
oh, and...this is even better... by mooniemcmoonster
Nykki Starr LaMarr is also in that Two Trains Running show. Again, just another observation. Makes me not want to go see that show. ***LAME***
Cast list by Shadrach
Well, I saw the cast list before I saw the date of the production, and was interested to see that a friend of mine (Teal Sherer) was back in town. She's lived in L.A. the past 2 years.
Nice Adaptation
by soaring
Friday, January 30, 2004
This is a good adaptation of the classic script. David Kleist's non-traditional casting and modifications to the script gave the show new resonance for this century without sacrificing the main themes of the original.

This is an ensemble show, but a few actors do shine. Barbara Washington as the Foreman and Teal Sherer as Juror 4 are exceptional. They both created believable, interesting, and exciting characters whom I found myself watching even when the action was elsewhere on the stage. Neither of them attempted to steal focus in any way; I just found myself watching them because their subtle actions and reactions were often more interesting and/or believable than some of the other actors who were supposed to be commanding my attention.

The set was excellent. One of the reasons I enjoy seeing shows at the Stage Door Players is that I know Chuck Welcome will have created an excellent set.

Sadly, not all the performers were as exceptional as Washington and Sherer. Some performances seemed just adequate and lacked any sense of urgency. One in particular seemed totally unbelievable.

There were either many dropped lines and missed cues, or the timing was off.

I realize that the script is old, but many of the plot points seemed to come from an episode of Matlock. I know that this show predates Matlock, but it seems that this production (since the script was adapted) could have used less time in explaining these points. A couple of times I felt like the intelligence of the audience was being insulted as the cast belabored their explanations to things that most audience members had already figured out.

Curtain call was a mess. The actors appeared unsure as to how and when to bow, and the order of the bows made no sense.



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