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Romeo and Juliet
a Drama
by William Shakespeare

COMPANY : Cobb Playhouse and Studio [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Cobb Playhouse and Studio [WEBSITE]
ID# 866

SHOWING : March 05, 2004 - April 10, 2004



The classic tale of two "star crossed lovers"

Cast Jerry Harlow
Soloist Abby Maraugus
Costumes Laura Nagle
Romeo Jeff Adelman
Romeo Jeff Alderman
Friar Lawrence Chris Camillo
Sampson Tiffany Clark
Juliet Christie Fisher
Gregory Jeanie Greenwall
Chorus/Apothecary Alex Hodges
Juliet Misty Layne
Mercutio Andy Leach
Lady Capulet Cheri Mattox
Servant/Clown Becca Mattox
Benvolio James Mitts
Lady Montague Laura Nagle
Nurse to Juliet Laura Nagle
Montague Bill Pacer
Tybalt Jessica Leigh Unker
Paris Daniel VanHiel
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Mostly Masterful
by The Costumer
Saturday, March 27, 2004
Let me state from the beginning that of all of the Bard's works, the one I truly do not like is Romeo and Juliet. That being said, I thouroughly enjoyed this production. I was intrigued by the overall look and feel of the show. It wasn't highschool classic and it wasn't Leonardo De Caprio modern. It was somewhere in between and I found it refreshing. The room was a black box and the sets were minimal but well done, which is a big deal for this theater. The set changes done by Jesters was precious. The costumes, with their modern clothes/classic accessories, were quite good, especially the boas and bowling shirts for the party scene. The only costumes that did not mesh well were the senior Montagues and Capulets. What was with that tired red robe? Also I would have liked the Friar better in a floor sweeping coat.
Now to the meat of the thing. The acting. Romeo was very good, thouroughly lovestruck and tragic. Juliet was winsome and pert, if a little young. I also enjoyed Benvolio as both a comic foil and the put upon everyman. The Nurse was hilarious in her bumbling and blustering, a true talent in comedy. The Prince was great until he started screaming and then he couldn't be understood. The rest of the cast were good if a little uninspired.
Now for the whole reason to see this show: Mercutio, Tybalt, and the Friar.
Andy Leach as Mercutio is phenomenal. His is a hilarious portrayl of energetic insanity. He truely comes across as a Goth on speed and his blistering dialog is delivered with masterful movement. This is a young man to watch for in the future.
Jessica Unker as Tybalt is outstanding. She is beautiful, intense and creepy.Watching her seeth and plot made me glad to be in the audience and not on the stage. I would see any show she is in.
Chris Camillo as the Friar was most impressive. His siky deep voice and patronizing manner lent him an air of holiness and his despair at the end was touchind.
So, kudos to Jerry Harlow and Laura Nagal. Because of your brilliant casting and fresh ideas, I enjoyed a show I usually dislike. Thank you. I will be seeing it again! [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
I will see it again
by Galore
Tuesday, March 23, 2004
Romeo and Juliet—aaah the bane of freshman literature class. But everybody knows the tale and it can be played with and given new treatments to freshen it up, but still remains the same story. A boffo and riveting first act and a mind-bogginly boring second act.

So you go for the first act, to hear the famous lines, to see how this director has handled the chemistry of the lovers, and to see how the most vibrant characters get portrayed.

The scene changing jester was darling and knew the script well interacting when appropriate. The other jester figure I could never understand. The costumes were not innovative, using the same color scemes as thousands of other productions, but they were fun, particularly the boas (screamingly funny on the brooding Tybalt). The two heads of households should have been costumed in approximately the same manner. I could not tell who Romeo’s father was until the end.

I loved the Nurse. I thought the character played well against the others in the cast. More could have/should have been done with the Friar, who is very talented. Romeo was a very nice very traditional Romeo, but paled against the brilliant casting and reworking of Tybalt and Mercutio. These two are worth the price of admission on their own. What are they doing in community theatre you ask? Having fun!!! For many of us that is the whole point of doing community theatre; not looking to make it big somewhere—just having fun and bringing pleasure and joy to someone else’s life. My teenager got a greater appreciation of Shakespeare watching these two strut their stuff and having fun doing it than reading it dryly in a classroom. This is a good thing.

But once the fatal lines: “a plague on both your houses” are uttered by a dying Mercutio the play descends, as usual into moribund dreariness. Laura Nagle did a good job editing and it did not run as long as it could have, but it is hard to have a great first act and not much to work with after. Not the fault of this theater group though.

I liked it enough to go back, although mostly for Tybalt and Mercutio.

by somewhereits5
Monday, March 22, 2004
Ah community theater... we all go through it. The bit parts given to director's sister's cousin, the distracting talk done by unprofessional actors backstage, and best of all the Coca~Cola seats.

The set design was basic: black and white. Capulets were red, Montagues were blue, pretty typical. The random, sometimes unneccessary scene changes were done by smiling Jesters who interacted with the audience. No incredibly inivative concepts here.

So the good and the bad:

Romeo- Great performance. The traditional Romeo

Juliet- cast too young, Shakespeare's difficult for most people her dilivery was unnatural and there was little chemistry between her and Romeo

Mercutio- As an audience member I feared for the safety of the actors on stage each time Mercutio entered, to the extent that it was distracting. Good Energy

Tybalt- A masterful performance. Tybalt as woman is very uncommon, but the actress developed the character perfectly. The quick-to-strike male character turned into a spoiled bitchy but incredibly intimidating female. Incredible presence on stage, couldn't take my eyes off her. What's a girl like that doing in a place like Cobb?

Little girl in party scene- Brillant aria

Fight Choreography- Impressive for community theater

Not bad Shakespeare, not good, but it could have been worse. The show lacked energy and it all completely died with Tybalt and Mercutio.
by somewhereits5
I neglected to put that the actors performing this night were Jeff Alderman, Christie Fisher, Andy Leach, and Jessica Unker
What night by TimRobins1901
What night did you see the play?
Just asking by TimRobins1901
Just asking because I saw it Saturday and the Juliet I saw was not that young.
Too Young? by Molly
What do you mean by too young? Juliet is supposed to be thirteen.
Mistake by TimRobins1901
Sorry I saw this play Friday.
by somewhereits5
I saw the show two weeks ago
Saturday or Friday? by TimRobins1901
Saturday or Friday?
i think people underestimate too much by keira
i think most of you reviewers underestimate Christie Fisher{our younger juliet} too much just because of her age. Look at the difficult character she plays caught in between her love and her family. Christie does a wonderful job and if you're worrying about her age the whole show you are missing her beautiful performance.


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