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Maggie's Getting Married
a Comedy
by Norm Foster

COMPANY : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
VENUE : Kudzu Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 879

SHOWING : April 02, 2004 - May 08, 2004



Will the sibling rivalry between bride-to-be Maggie Duncan and her sister Wanda ruin an expensive family party? Writer Norm Foster scores again with this hilarious tale that unfolds on the eve of Maggie’s wedding. A delightful romantic comedy

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Oh Bright New Day!!!!
by Boozy McLiverdamage
Thursday, May 6, 2004
I had the pleasure of watching this show during opening weekend, and I'm just getting a chance to review it (don't ask, long story...a sordid tale of laundry, Old Town Roswell, and peanut butter). Hiccup!! Ok, so back to the review. I liked the show. I had a good time, the actors appeared to have fun and they were honest in the roles. The set looked impressive, and a game ball definitely goes out to Wally and Jennifer (Big Ups!!). I think Richard Omark did a terrific job with his character. He had tons of fun and alot of color in his performance. His ending monolouge was very honest as well. Richard, good job. James Sutton did well also in his portrayl of Axel. Nice timing, good work, and again, he had fun. Good job Jim. The entire cast put great effort into this show, and it's thoroughly enjoyable. The only thing about the show I didn't like was the script, which you can't blame on the actors (the script is very formulaic and many of the jokes are written into it). I'm a big believer in jokes writing themselves in a script (many of y'all may disagree, but hey, that's just my take). Good job to all at Kudzu, and I look foward to your next show!

Rack 'em!

WOW! what a great show
by Paul
Sunday, May 2, 2004
What can I say! I think Jill and I are just now catching our breath. I must say we had a grand time Saturday watching this production. Jill and I have seen many productions over the years and I must say this was a true delight!

First let me clear the are with advising that neither Jill or I are affiliated with Kudzu Playhouse or any other theater other than our love for live theater.

That having been said, this is a remarkable show. First, the set. It is by far the most elaborate and finely dressed set that we have seen in many a year. Jill wants to know the color used so that she can repaint our dining room.

The second great boon is the cast. This is the second time that we have enjoyed a tight knit ensemble cast that worked as one well oiled machine. The last was “Caught in the Net” Their timing and pacing were impeccable. Literally they had me gasping for breath at times.

Amy Rundbaken was wonderful as Maggie. The insecure younger sister who we meet on the eve of her wedding day. She was marvelous. It is a delight to see a variety in performance. having just seen her in “Caught in the Net”. It was refreshing to see a totally different character on the stage.

Brandt Rizk was also marvelous. She played Wanda the slightly nymphomaniac sister that has always stolen Maggie's boyfriends. She played the role extremely well, giving us a “real” person with their own self-doubts and problems. She could have easily turned it into a caricature.

Patty Siebert was the quintessential mother. Always knowing what is best for her children and long suffering husband and yet with a few little tricks up her sleeve. Her lectures and advice where truly heartfelt and delivered with warmth and caring,

Brink Miller was great. His bio says that he has a lot of experience of being father of the bride. It shows through in his performance. His middle age crisis is played to perfection and not over done. His concern for his daughters well being is genuine and very belivable.

My favorite character was Axel, played by James Sutton. His timing, facial expressions and body mechanics left me laughing my head off. He does have some of the best lines in the show and delivers them with absolute precision. In a part that could have been over blown and over acted, he chose the underplay it, and by doing so it made it stand out that much more.

Richard Omark had the thankless job of playing a part that the audience isn’t sure they are suppose to like or not. He does it admirably. He first comes across as a true salesman. Yuck but as we learn more about him our opinion changes

As the plot device mention by previous reviewers. Did it bother me? Not really. Was it implausible? Maybe. Did it detract from the show? Not really.

Go see it and laugh your heads off
a superb cast rises above an iffy script
by Okely Dokely
Wednesday, April 28, 2004
The script for MGM is funny, but cliche-ridden with a second act twist that makes the plot for "Caught in the Net" extremely plausible by comparison.

I like to go to performaces of shows that are most likely the "off-nights" for the cast, such as Thursdays and Sundays, because I like to see how people do. Like the last show at Kudzu, I attended MGM on its Sunday matinee, and the energy was strong as ever. Brandy Rizk matures as an actress more and more every time I see her, and here she plays a fresh new character completely devoid of her Catherine from "The Foreigner", Eileen from "Moon Over Buffalo", and Caitlin from "Over the River and Through the Woods." She brings something new to the table with this role, and her chemistry with Amy Rundbaken is impressive. You'd think they were sisters in real life. Her second act "stunt" - as Jason called it - is a combination of funny, shocking, and several other things. I'll just say it caught me off guard.

James Sutton was hilarious as the slightly alcoholic Axel who is a couple beers short of a 6-pack. He embodied the character perfectly. Richard Omark puts in a commendable performance as Russell, the love interest. His surprisingly layered take on the role starts off as nauseatingly obnoxious, annoying, and phony, to sweet, tender, and likable. Depsite the shortcomings of the script, including the absolutely preposterous twist near the end, Mr. Omark manages to keep his cool and stay the course. Special kudos need to go out to Kudzu regulars Brink Miller and Patty Seibert, who round out the cast with their strong and reliable performances. The set was amazingly elaborate, too, with appliances that actually worked, like a fridge, a coffee maker, and a sink.

I pretty much recommend this show not as a show, but if you want to see some great acting all around.

Note: of the 3 people I gave huge praises to, Brandy is the only one I know personally. The other two gentlemen are people whom I've never met, worked with, or even knew existed before I walked into the theatre.

The year's most biased review!
by JasonMeinhardt
Tuesday, April 27, 2004
Yes, that is correct. Not only do I know people in this show, but I am marrying one of them. The rest of the cast are very close friends of mine, as well. Oh yeah, AND I was cast as one of the roles, but unfortunately had money to earn and pursued my current job instead. That said, this was a thoroughly enjoyable show. I was there on a Sunday and as you may know, Sunday matinees aren't magnets for the largest and greatest audiences. This was no exception. However, the cast mustered up every ounce of energy they could to put on a great performance. When I first read the play, my reaction was that this was a cliche-filled show. The situation is nothing new to "romantic" comedies. However, it was the way Mr. Foster wrote the lines for his characters that made the show funny. Add in wonderful performances, and you have a great play. Even though I was not able to do the show, after watching it, I am glad I wasn't. Richard Omark had me cracking up with his portrayal of Maggie's fiancee. He was over the top in the beginning which was perfect when his final monologue is delivered. It was a great contrast between the Russell everyone else sees and the true Russell. Brink Miller and Patty Siebert were true to the "parents of the bride" characters. Mr. Miller was hysterical at times and heart warming at others. One of my favorite performances was Axel. Jim, like Richard, had me in stitches throughout the show. Now, to the girls...Amy Rundbaken, playing yet ANOTHER character named Maggie shined and between her and Brandy Rizk, they carried the energy throughout the show. And yes, I am now going to "review" my own fiancee. Brandy has grown so much as an actress this past year. From small roles to finally getting her chance at a larger role in Jerry Finnegan's Sister, to the infamous "Foreigner", and now to this role as Wanda, Maggie's slightly naughtier sister. Brandy has finally loosened up, stopped "acting", and was the most comfortable on stage even with an jaw-dropping stunt at the end of the show. I am biased towards her, yes. But I can honestly say, I enjoy watching actors grow and she has done so. This cast was superbly put together by Peter Tomassan, whom I wished I had a chance to work with and I sincerely hope I have the chance to in the future. Please see this show, despite my biased views, it is just a fun show to watch. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Thoroughly Enjoyable
by soaring
Monday, April 12, 2004
There has been some recent criticism of the Kudzu Playhouse for casting the same people in all of their shows. While most of the members of this cast have a lot of Kudzu credits in their bios, I believe the director found excellent actors to fill the roles. The director, Peter Thomasson, and his cast did an excellent job. Each character is convincing, real, and easy for the audience to relate to. The action on stage is engaging and motivated. The show was laugh out loud funny at times and moving at other times.

The set was very impressive - especially considering the space Kudzu has to work with.

I was a little disappointed in the script. I do expect to have to suspend my disbelief when I see romantic comedies, but the plot device used in this play is very cliche and yet unbelievable. I think it seemed especially jarring when the device was used because up until this point (late in Act II), everything had seemed so real.

Still, I would recommend seeing this play. You'll enjoy it. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]


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