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Ferdinand the Bull

a Children's Theater
by Karen Zacarias

COMPANY : Alliance Theatre Company [WEBSITE]
VENUE : 14th Street Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 896

SHOWING : January 03, 2004 - March 07, 2004



Sound Designer Clay Benning
Scenic Designer Kathryn Conley
Choreographer Dione Griffiths
Stage Manager Colleen Janich
Lighting Designer Ken Yunker
Musician/Musical Adaptor Justin Ellington
Cochina Denise Arribas
Duquito Danilo Understudy Eddie Gillot
Duquito Danilo Clifton Guterman
Ferdinand Bart Hansard
Ferdinand and Duque Dodo Understudy Luis Hernandez
El Trovodor/Vocal Arranger Jahi Kearse
Cochina Understudy Kelly Rutherford
Duque Dodo Michael Schneider
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Why Bother?
by Dedalus
Tuesday, April 6, 2004
Why Bother?

Okay, it’s been a couple of weeks since “Ferdinand the Bull” closed, several weeks that I haven’t thought about it all. So why, at this late date, write about it?

To be honest, there was nothing really wrong with the production. The kids in the audience ate it up. The performances were outstanding (Bart Hansard gets special praise for being a convincing bull in this and a convincing May Fly in “Time Flies” at the Horizon). The theme was something every parent should embrace. The set was beautiful to look at. But I didn’t find the play that memorable. I can’t remember any of the songs, and few specific moments – I suppose you could call it a “Chinese Food” sort of play – perfectly enjoyable and competently prepared, but an hour later, you want to see something else.

I suppose a good reason to write would be to start a general discussion of “Children’s Theatre” in general. What should be the standards? I have a three-year-old daughter who, I suspect, will grow up to love theatre (she already prefers to watch an old tape of a “Wizard of Oz” production I lit than to watch the movie), and used her for my review of Synchronicity’s “Free to Be You …” last year. I didn’t take her to “Ferdinand” (and probably should have). Should the standard be “It appeals to the average 3-year-old” or “It appeals to the whole family” or “It is something that will resonate in the memory for weeks.” Are all these good criteria? Which are more important?

So, I suppose, the answer to “Why Bother?” comes from a more fatherly place in me than theatre-critical place. I want my daughter to love theatre as much as I do. Productions like this would encourage that, even if I don’t particularly care for them myself. For that, I say “Bravo!” (or in this case “Ole!”)

-- Brad Rudy (
60th review by Okely Dokely
Congratulations are in order for the great Dedalus's/Brad Rudy's 60th review. Definitely impressive. I've got quite a few to do to catch up to you.

You know...for the kids by StaceyLucas
I took our 13 month old to see Ferdinand and he loved it. Granted, he probably didn't get the "make love, not war" theme--but the colors, the dancing, the singing, etc. kept his attention. He didn't do one "boob-dive" (he likes to nurse when he's bored), so on that basis, I considered the show very succesful. I don't remember a whole lot of it. But I did leave in a good mood and thinking "that was a cute show."

I think Children's Theater should be anything that makes a kid want to see more theater. I'm not so concerned about whether the whole family enjoys it (although it's always nice when adults can have fun too). If my kid sees a play and talks about it (you know, when he's older) and wants to see another play because of it, I say bring it on!

Has your daughter seen "Uncle Grandpa's Hoo Dilly Stew" at Dad's Garage yet?

Thanks by Dedalus
Thanks for the responses. I'm not sure if the 60th review thing is cause for celebration or cause for increasing the voltage on my therapy. Obsessiveness is never pretty ....


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