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a Thriller
by Ira Levine

COMPANY : Atlanta Classical Theatre [WEBSITE]
VENUE : 14th Street Playhouse [WEBSITE]
ID# 931

SHOWING : April 30, 2004 - May 22, 2004



THe great stagee mystery writer, Sidney Bruhl, has reached the pinnical of success and yet has written four flops. Enter young student, Clifford Anderson, who has written a sure fire hit. Just how far will Sidney go to regain his past glory

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They fixed it.
by soaring
Monday, May 17, 2004
I did not see this play opening weekend as the other reviewers did. I do feel that the problems brought up by these previous reviewers have been fixed. The set decorations that are referenced in the lines are all present, there did not appear to be any dead space where actors missed lines, and I did not feel that any plot twist was given away be any actor's mannerisms.

On top of all this, I thoroughly enjoyed the show. I thought it was well-acted, and I enjoyed the well-written script despite some of the lengthy recapitulation. There were a few props and costumes that looked out of place, but they did not detract from the overall production.

I felt I was watching a strong cast perform a solid play, and I would recommend it to others. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Dead Horse
by Big John
Friday, May 7, 2004
I don't want to beat a dead horse but the first two reviewers said it all. What bothers me is that if you don't have the resources to produce a play like "Deathtrap", choose something else that you can put the proper production values into. It only goes to show that if you try hard enough, you can murder any script. No pun intended. [POST A COMMENT REGARDING THIS REVIEW]
Wish it had been better
by GaTallOne
Thursday, May 6, 2004
I had the pleasure as a student in London of seeing this show during its London premiere. I will never forget the tension and the "twight light zone" twists in the plot that kept me on the edge of my seat. I was in the opening night house for this production and was looking forward to a wonderful show. I have seen several Productions at 14th and have for the most part thoroughly enjoyed them. I am afraid that I must agree with Paul. This production was totally lacking. The set was bland. References to specific set decorations were made yet the decoration was missing.

The performances were lacking. This is to be a thriller. Sorry but there was no tension whatsoever on stage. I am familiar with the script and the choice of playing up one of the minor plot points was, to say the least, just not needed. The physical action between the characters was very contrived and not realistic at all

I am sorry to say that I cannot recommend this show to anyone
Deathtrap a yawner in 3 acts
by Paul
Wednesday, May 5, 2004
I have never been a negative person; I try to look on the bright side and to find good in all things. It is with great sadness that I write this review, This is one of my favorite thrillers. I was so looking forward to this production, as my wife had never seen the stage play. I had not been to this particular stage at 14th street playhouse. It is quite small. The set for the show should reflect a study of a great playwright. References are made several times to window cards from the playwrites shows on the wall. There are none. On the night that Jill and I saw this show, there were several very long pauses that unless the director was going for something totally different, appeared to be blown lines on the part of the performers.

As we where sworn to secrecy, having to sign that we would not discuss the plot of the show, it makes my review difficult, but will try to be true to my word.

One of the supposed plot twists that are not suppose to be obvious was let out of the bag as soon as the young male visitor opens his mouth. His demeanor is painfully obvious. The suspense's that is supposed to build during the first act never does. The actors may have made some choices, but quite frankly I can only lay fault with the director. The physical confrontations are so badly staged they can only be laughable. I realize that falling on stage might be painful but slow motions collapsing up the stairs was a bit much.

Several parts were questionably casting. Strange casting with Helga ten Dorp. It just didnt fit here costume, and hair style seemed inappropriate for the part. The playwite was a bit weak.

To say the least we were very disappointed and cannot recommend this production
Curious.... by JasonMeinhardt
Paul...I was curious, if you have ever seen the movie version of Deathtrap? I, for one, enjoyed the movie and have actually seen a couple of stage productions that I also enjoyed. My experience with murder thrillers (on stage), is it is a lot of dialogue and usually the entire play is a set up for the final few minutes. (i.e. Wait Until Dark, Agatha Christie mysteries, etc.) You have always been very fair with your reviews and its a shame you were so disappointed with this particular production. I suppose every show can't be a winner, right? :) Hope to see you at Kudzu for Forever Plaid! ~J~
in regard to Paul's review by andy
I have not seen this show, but I know two people that did and thought the very same thing as Paul. Especially the part about the actors appearing as if they could not remember lines and the theatre became very quiet for long periods of time.


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